Washington Wizards

1978 "Bullets Fever" by Nils Lofgren

"Bullets fever! We’re crazy ‘bout our home team. Bullets fever! Every year they play tough. Bullets fever! They brought us inspiration. Bullets fever! I just can’t get enough."

Awesome 1993-Fans Lip-Syncing-to-Rap Rap

"Juwan Howard, you da man, you da man. Gheorghe Muresan, you da man, you da man. That's the reason I'm a Bullets fan."

"Blow It Up": The Rap Plea To Start Over

"Got a question for mah man Flip Saunders: Why ya boys yellah like a baby with jaundice? Heartache after heartache, night after night. When you a Wiz fan, that’s your plight."

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