Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Boogie

Chicago Bulls Boogie by 615 Music; Six Fifteen Boogie on Grooveshark

"Left both feet. Hang in the air. Drive the lane. Like there's no one there! Before you know it, you've got the groove. Chicago Bulls boogie—the way to move!"

"The Bulls Are Back" Rap (from 1996)


"Guess who's back, it's nothin' new: It's the red-and-white Chi-town team comin' through, you know who. The Bulls! Pickin' up the pace, come get a taste, of the red-and-white team in yo' face."

 "Get Well D Rose" Rap


"Madhouse on Madison. Team full of characters. Make any other team look like a team fulla amateurs. Lock 'em down in the clutch, and I wonder can they handle us. D-Rose is hangin' in there like he's posin' for some cameras."

"B.U.L.L.S." (A YMCA Knockoff from 1996)

"Michael! Jordan picks up the pace. I said Scottie! Pippen jumps in your face. And you can bet that! Dennis pulls down the boards. We have three! Great! Rings! But we want more. C'mon, Chicago B.U.L.L.S."

"Be Like Mike"

Be Like Mike by Ira Antelis/Pitzel/Shafer on Grooveshark

This is breaking form a bit, but what the hell: Here's the original, 1991 recording for the Gatorade commercial that introduced the phrase "Be like Mike."

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