Orlando Magic

No Joke: The Team's Official 1989 Theme Song

"Abracadabra, razza-ma-taz! Slam dunk, sazon-bee. Hocus pocus, alacazam. We're gonna set the spirit freeeeeeee! Orlando Magic. Orlando Magic. Orlando Magic. Oooh oh oh oooh oh."

"This is my cousin D's track that he is offering to the Magic"

"Don't forget to wipe, because we're clean. When we're on the scene. Cha-ching. There's a dream, you know what I mean? Jameer Nelson! Yup, yup. J.J. Redick. He's staying focused."

Goth Glam Rock Somethingorother Total Disaster

"Orlando Magic city. Hie-de-hie-de-hie. Yeaaahh! Orlando they [indecipherable] night. Yeaaahh!"

Desperate-For-A-Ring Rap

"We're the number-one team, standings or not. At the end of the playoffs, we'll be standing at the top. Put a ring on it--sing it, Beyonce. We need a ring worse than a ringless fiance."

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