LA Lakers

The Lakers have plenty of star power making music. But you can find that stuff anywhere, so...

Someone Who Was Inspired By Pink Floyd, Maybe?

"Laker mania all around. No other fans can match the sound. 19,000 seats to remember that showtime takes place at the Center. They call them the LA Lakers."

Autotune Sexy Jam

"Love it when I got to see the Lakers play some ball. Once they hit the game floor they may never stop. Fisher brings the ball home, and Odom drives. Pau hits a free throw and makes me lose my mind."

Lyrical Playoff Fantasy

"Rough and tough, what you bring is not enough. Let our bench come and finish you off. Best of 7, four more to win. Might as well call it game and give us our rings. It's the real deal, ask how it feels. Ask Gasol in the middle of a free throw."

Lakers History Rap

"Laker Nation, we bleed purple and gold. Legacy everlast, let the story be told. It all started when West was the best. The logo! And we still the best in the west. And don't forget Elgin and Wilt. In 72, they put the league on tilt. Magic and Showtime blew our minds. With Captain Kareem doing work inside. Big Game James Worthy, and Byron Scott too..."

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