Dallas Mavericks

Mildly Cute Little-Kid Rap

"We go hard, in the paint you know it. Dallas on the pass, fast break, like show biz. We on top, we play, we focus. Mavericks, we fly high--on our opponents."

The Free-Association Rap

"Eye on the prize, gotta get my team some jewelry. The time is now and it has been for a minute, you can tell we gonna win it, now we in it. We lettin' down the critics who said we weren't gonna win it. If my mind serves me right, aren't we supposed to be fishin'? Someone tell Durantula that we immune to venom."

Your-Ears-Will-Hurt Swagg Rap

"If you try to drive we gonna block that, swat that, run-the-shot-clock that. You can't stop that. Dallas Maverick Swag! Dallas Maverick Swagg!"

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