Milwaukee Bucks

1977 "Green and Growing" Funk

"The Bucks don't stop here. Milwaukee Bucks, green and growing, better each year! Green and growing! The Bucks don't stop here."

1999 Fun-Time Rap

"From the Central Division, the team that's swishin'. Runnin' and dishin', the Bucks on a mission!"

"Fear the Deer" Electronica Thing

"It's time to fear the big, bad deer! We're the Bucks from Milwaukee, and this is our year. Playoff chances are oh-so-sunny, when you're getting 55 from my guy Young Money."

Almost-The-Official-Rap Rap

"White, red, in the green trim, you see the jersey. You don't wanna miss a beat, better get there early. Waitin' at the concession stand, so they can serve me." [Note: The YouTube description notes that "after months of negotiations with the organization for the song to be the team's 09-10 song," nothing was accomplished. Sad for all!]

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