Philadelphia 76ers

1966-1967 World Championship Jazzy Number

"You'll love the spirit of the 76ers. Watch them fast-break down the floor. Crashing the boards and moving the ball. Now they're driving for another score!"

Surprisingly Catchy, Corny, Still-In-Use Anthem

"One, two, threefourfive, Sixers! Ten, nine, eight, 76ers!" [Ed note: Hearing this song live at a Sixers game in March, 2013, was the inspiration for this site.]

Guy In Hallway, Trying His Best

"Sixers, we're so cool. Tank tops and new shoes! This is the team that's now in tact. With Bynum here, we're all that."

The Optimistic, Lazy Rhyme Rap

"Goin' all the way this year. Dedication, teamwork's gonna take us there. Everybody on their chair. Got the crowd goin' crazy, everybody cheer!"

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