Miami Heat

Original 1990s Anthem Jam

"Can you feel the Heat down in your soul? (I feel the Heat down in my soul.) Can you feel the Heat, they're in control? (I feel the Heat, they're in control.)"

2012 Theme Song (by "Miami Heat Media")

"Top down, let's go Pat Riley. Came a long way, let's take it. Been a while since we got our last rings, '06, you know that our fingers lookin' naked."

Miami Heat Rip-Off of Jay'Z's "Empire State of Mind"

Miami Heat Song by D-Shep on Grooveshark
"This is Miamiiiiii. Welcome to the city that never sleeps. We do our own thing." [Ed note: We do our own thing except for this song, apparently.]

Fan Driving Around Miami Rap
"I am ridin' with Miami. The Heat is like my family. Got my black and red jersey, to make 'em understand me."

Whiny, High-Pitched Brag Rap "We gotta do it for the history (history). Go and grab a seat, fans, this won't be no mystery (myster-eeeee). Now let confetti fall down (hey!) got the trophy (hey!) in my hand (hey!) start screamin' (hey!) 'what noowwww?'"

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