Detroit Pistons

1989's "Dribble Dat Ball (Isiah)"

"You're where you wanna be, you're the best by far. So let's win this thing and show you're a superstar. Dribble, Isiah! A-dribble. Dribble that ball. Dribble, Isiah! A-dribble. Dribble that ball."

Pistons: A Glorious Double Entendre

"The Detroit Pistons, former champs of basketball. I have so many souvenirs it's hard to list them all. I have Piston pants. I have Piston shorts. I have Piston beer mugs, sometimes people don't even notice. I have Piston ash trays. I have Piston shoes. I have Piston basketballs--when I dribble, they do too."

Genre-Bending, Decade-Defying Rock-Rap Something

"High intensity, the way the game should be. Rugged and rough is our Detroit identity. Always ranked number one for a reason, cuz they're crowd-pleasin'."

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