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Basketball teams seem like a perfect musical subject—the passion of the fans, the toughness of the players—but there's no escaping it: Songs about NBA teams are almost all very, very bad. This site collects them. We're talking One, two, three, four, five, Sixers. We're talking We are the Cavaliers, you know we have no fears. Seriously, just listen to this official 1990's Miami Heat jingle, which has the motivational potency of a lullaby:

This site is a catalog of such misguided musical rallies—created by 1980s front offices wooing surburban markets, amateur rappers seeking recognition, songwriters seeking YouTube glory, and anyone else who loves this game too much for their own good. Click by team, and enjoy.


You missed a song! Can I send it to you? Yes, please do. I'm sure I missed a lot. Email links to jasonfeifer (at) gmail (dot) com, or tweet them to me at @heyfeifer. (Then follow me!)

What qualifies to be on this site? The song's primary subject matter must be an NBA team. I'm not interested in songs about individual players, or the sport, or that simply reference a team, or a video in which an artist wears a team jersey. I'm also not interested in a team's rendition of "Black and Yellow," which everyone seems to have. That's lazy stuff.

Can you tell me about the songs on here? Gladly. I've found that most songs about NBA teams fall into one of two categories: They're either official songs from decades ago, or they're modern-day amateur raps (or the occasional other genre). Some teams, most notably the Lakers and the Knicks, have songs about them created by successful artists—but they're so polished that I don't believe they belong on this site, so I omit them.

What's your favorite song about an NBA team? I love the official team jingles from decades past; they're so goofy and innocent, and remind you of how differently basketball was once marketed. I first heard the Sixers' counting jam—"One, two, threefourfive, Sixers!"—at a game in Philly in March, and it inspired me to make this site. I also love the 1977 classic "Green and Growing," about the Bucks.

Who made this? Jason Feifer, an editor at Fast Company and a Miami Heat fan—but before you get all worked up, I've been a fan since before the "Can you feel the Heat down in your soul?" days. (See above.) I also created Heat Fan Sounds, a soundboard of the most annoying Heat fan you'll ever hear.

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